Ella Persburger - Director of the venture "Emek dream" and The owners of UP Tourism Marketing and Advertising, has established a tourism social enterprise with the sole purpose - to revive, develop and leverage tourism SMB.

MA Business Marketing, Ben-Gurion University, started working in the tourism industry since 2001.


As a very active girl in the Scouts youth movement and thanks to the influence of Steph Wertheimer on me, the word that really influences me is the word - fulfillment

My family background, of parents who are second generation Holocaust, concern and anxiety that has conveyed to me the message of always being in the safe area and not taking risks. Listening to my dreams and my require taking risks and Confidence in myself

Our right and our duty is to choose with fear in a way of life as close as possible to our heart's & dreams.

I feel a huge privilege to work with fulfillment people. People who follow their hearts 100%.  I walk with them and take careful steps to fulfill myself in a way that corresponds to my heart.


I know for sure 

That the encounters, experiences and tours will give you joy, an expansion of the heart, another perspective for  life, Thanks to the encounters with Places and people who are "under the radar" and will make your trip unique and memorable. I believe that they will inspire you.


Thank you to my beloved family and the dear people who support me in this fascinating journey of doing and fulfilling!


Great success and enjoyment for all of us

Ella Pressburger

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